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Coastal Coaching facilitates and guides immediate, purposeful, and lasting positive change that will create growth and improvement in any aspects of your life.

What we Do

Our Services

Here at Coastal Coaching we offer three core services; life coaching, breath-work and NDIS support. We deliver these services in a variety of structures and settings, depending on your individual needs.

Breathing sustains life. Improving your breathing can only improve your quality of life!

As a qualified Breathing Instructor in two different techniques, Oxygen Advantage and Buteyko we can individualise breathing programs to your requirements.

At Coastal Coaching we believe effective coaching isn’t about having all the answers or pulling out the magic wand from our back pocket. Rather, it’s about walking alongside you to help you build an understanding of yourself, identify and clarify your goals, the outcomes you want, and the barriers to your ultimate success.

The experiences we offer range from relaxing land-based activities to more challenging ocean-based adventures. Coastal Coaching integrates specialised techniques and modalities to enhance this outdoor experience-based therapy. This will contribute to an improvement in mental and physical well-being.

About me

Jason Bazeley​

My journey to becoming a Breathing Instructor and Life Coach has taken many twists and turns. I’m grateful for the path I have travelled; these many and varied lived experiences have helped me to learn about who I am, they have transformed me as person and contributed to the life coach who stands before you today.
an emersive experience

South Coast Escapes

Coastal Coaching is about walking alongside of you in an environment that suits your current circumstances. We offer sessions online, or based within our Bunbury office. For those who are seeking to continue their journey with a more immersive experience we also offer escapes to this amazing south coast location.

Encompassing a range of coaching techniques; breathwork; meditation; nature based and ocean activities; you will have the opportunity to choose the direction of your stay and create an experience that fulfils your needs. Taking a break from your busy life and routine; allowing yourself the time to calm your mind, recharge your body, reflect and relax in this serene setting is a unique experience. Packages can be built to suit individuals or group requirements.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Don't just take our word...


Jane Satisfied Customer

I was recommended to Jason to seek help for my 15yr old son who suffered with asthma. To begin with I was sceptical that different breathing techniques could make a difference but was desperate to try anything after endless doctor and hospital visits. We are still astounded by the results! Jason was easy to understand and was willing to go above and beyond to educate and help us. The wider community needs to understand the research surrounding Buteyko Breathing and its health benefits, not just those struggling with illness. We cannot thank Jason enough for his time and commitment in helping us. Thank you Jason, you have changed our lives!

Mark Satisfied Customer

I have been working with Jason for a short time now and his support and insights have been invaluable in moving forward. Jason has utilized his intuition and perception to read between the lines and understand where I have had issues in the past, and limiting beliefs holding me back. His own experience, coupled with his coaching and life knowledge, has enabled me to grow personally and in my career. Jason’s support and guidance throughout the process has taught me how to be accountable to myself. I would highly recommend his services as a coach to guide you through your path to immediate, positive change.

Tim Satisfied Customer

Jason is a passionate Breathing Coach and I have had several sessions with him. Jason is authentic and well trained in both methods of Breathwork that he teaches. I would highly recommend you to explore a session with him, if you are ready to make the change to improve your health and well-being.

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