My Journey

About Me

Let me tell you about my journey. I was labelled Dyslexic at a young age, this set the scene in my mind, that school was never going to be the place for me. When an opportunity for an apprenticeship presented itself, I jumped at the chance. With my apprenticeship finished, I moved from the small rural community where I was born and raised, to join the Australian Army.

Then fitness became my mantra and I continued with my passion for diving and qualified as a diving instructor. When I left the Army, I moved to Tasmania to follow my passion and trained as a commercial diver. This led me to work throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific as an Offshore Commercial Diver.

During this time a love affair blossomed with an amazing young woman. Working away wasn’t going to work. I returned to WA and we moved to the Pilbara; I joined the mining industry and trained as a Rigger then Crane Operator, it was exciting to work on some of the biggest projects in Australia.

Our family, which had grown with the addition of three beautiful children, relocated back to the South West. I trained in Health & Safety and Training & Assessing and joined the resources industry. This was also the time I started to explore my own personal development, qualifying as a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Timeline Therapist, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and Breathing instructor for both Oxygen advantage and Buteyko methods.

This was the beginning of something new and a turning point in my life. I had insight and awareness of my own behaviour and biases; I became curious about the relationship between mind, body and breath works. My thirst for knowledge grew and I found myself devouring literature; seeking a greater understanding of human wellbeing. 

Whilst studying Energetics and Colour Therapy the real awakening came, as a fit and healthy 46-year-old I had a stroke. Whilst completely unexpected, I see it as one of those blessings in disguise. My eyes were now wide open to the possibilities of my future and the reality of choice.

So here I am today, doing what I am most passionate about, helping others to gain clarity and become the best versions of themselves. You can do anything, with conscious choice, we will unlock your potential, help you think differently, and guide you towards growth, success and happiness.

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Helping you see an overall improvement in societal, mental, and physical wellbeing through the alignment of the conscious and unconscious mind.